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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pictures of the girls

Here are a few pictures. I'm sorry it's been so long since I've been on. Tomorrow is my final exam for the summer and I have been a little preoccupied with school.

The picture on the right is at St. John the Baptist Latin Mass parish Mass and picnic. Amy, Tyler & Eli are watching Kristina play "Cars" on Stacie's gameboy.

The picture on the left is at Confirmation. Martha (Kristina's sponsor), Kristina, Stacie, Kristy (Stacie's sponsor).
What a Glorious day it was. Kristina chose St. Cecilia as her patron saint and Stacie chose St. Agnes.
Well I'm off to study before bed.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Explain please...

The top left photo is my (Susanne's) great grandmother (Mom's mother's mother)standing outside the car and my mother sitting in the car-then next to that is "us". The next picture has cousins, great aunts and uncles-great aunt Viola and I'm not sure who else. The bottom picture is a picture of my dad on the right(Nick) & another sailor on the left.

More Pix

The Kiddos(Kristina,Stacie,Amy,Justin)

A rainy day...

Being a mom is a job unpaid by money but rewarded in more ways than I can count. I look at Kristina and see the beautiful young woman that she is becoming. There are days when she really shocks me with her maturity then there are days when she is a young child again, vulnerable to life and confused by everything. Stacie seems to follow in her footsteps in many ways. Most days they clash(we won't say what happens then) but they are sisters and God's love will prevail!
Amy's smaller footsteps try to keep up but are slower in their pace. She is a growing sprout (her words) and will soon match Kristina in height. She is an inspiration with her writing although she hasn't completed her summer story as yet. She wants to write a children's book and we are working on that too.
As the rain was falling today, I felt peace with God's love as my raincoat.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Something about us...

To begin with, we are first-time "bloggers". John is "dad". He works very hard (2 full-time and 1 part-time jobs). We have recently purchased a new Hybrid Honda Civic (luv that gas milage) and recommend that everyone get a car that loves driving more than gas.
Kristina is 15 1/2. She is very involved in band and will be starting 10th grade in August. She is also very involved in our church, St. John the Baptist Latin Mass, and is also in the choir. It is very beautiful to hear her play her flute(a sound from heaven).
Stacie will be 14 at the end of this month and is musically inclined also. She sings in the choir at school and at church. She will start high school (9th grade) in August. She has a love of the arts and enjoys writing. She wants to be either an artist, fashion designer, or author.
Amy will soon be 10 years old. 4th grade will be seeing her bright shiny face on the first day of school. She has a love of cooking, plants and writing. She too sings in the choir in church and has also participated in talent shows in school.
I am "mom"(Susanne). I am an LPN (25 years) and am currently in school to complete my prereqs before starting nursing school to earn my RN. I LOVE God, family, children, church and school.
We hope to keep everyone updated on our family.