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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our stay at Jason and Kristy's house

Hey Kristina here updating. Sorry we haven't been updating much lately. So much has been going on although school's been out. A week ago we got to go over to our cousins (Jason and Kristy's) house. We all had a blast! We played life (well Lauren Stacie and I). Kristy and Amy got to play Yahtzee. Amy and I even got to play Zoo Tycoon for the first time. Ryan, Lauren, and Stacie did a couple little plays and here are a couple pictures from them.

Okay also we (Amy, Stacie and me) learned to play a new game. We had someone blindfolded try to catch the others who are moving around a room (in this case the living room) while giving the blindfolded person clues as to where they are in the room. Here's one of the videos I took on my camera. Sorry the sound isn't so great.