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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Answer To The April Fools Riddle

The answer to the April fools riddle is below. But first to those who didn't read it already I will restate it.
Riddle:A cowboy went into town on Friday. He stayed for three days then left on Friday. How did he do it?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A General Update

I (Amy) have all A/B honer roll for the first three nine weeks of school. I am working toward the A/B for all four nine weeks of school. If you get honor roll you get a trophy. I already have two. One from 3rd grade and and from 2nd. You are only supposed to have trophies for the third, fourth, and fifth graders but I was in a split class, (a 2nd/3rd grade class because there was to many 2nd graders) so I got an unfair advantage. Benchmark is coming up next week and it determines whether or not you go to the next grade and what you know from the current year. I am ready for summer and have even started a count down chart! Forty days left! How exciting!?
Kristina got her drivers permit during spring break! No one can possibly imagine how hard she had worked. Mom said she has junioritus (She is really, really excited about being a junior next year). She is still keeping up her grades. Kristina is doing AWESOME in the band. Her solo and ensemble is coming up the same week of benchmark. We (Kristina, Stacie, and I, Amy) are all still in the church choir. We LOVE it! Kristina is in the school with Stacie also.
Stacie is loving choir and doing great in school. She and Kristina are great inspirations to me. More like a child she will play with me as much as possible and is a very fun person. She is now taller then our mom, Kristina, and I. Soon she is going to be taller than our dad.
Dad is still working 3 jobs and harder than ever now. Trying to spend more time with us,he has taken off work more. We all respect that.
Mom is going to school and still working her job as a nurse. I cannot describe the work that has to be done but no matter how hard the job may be she gets it done. On top of that she has to be a mother, study, pay bills, and work and do what else needs to be done.
We are all very blessed as we enter Eastertide. We hope you all are too.

God Bless,

April Fools!!!

Here's a late April fools riddle. I will post the answer tomorrow.

A cowboy went into town on Friday. He stayed for three days then left on Friday. How did he do it?

If you didn't get it right or don't even understand it don't beat yourself up!
It took me five minutes for me just to give up!!